The Tolstoy Edit x Oshana

We are proud to offer a selection of hand-embroidered Oshana cushions at The Tolstoy Edit; the embroidery is exquisite and the colours and geometric designs work in both eclectic and modernist settings.

Oshana works with Syrian women refugees to transform their lives one stitch at a time.
Oshana was founded by Syrian women, for Syrian women.
100% of their profits support women who have lost homes and loved ones due to the war in Syria.
Living as refugees in neighbouring Lebanon, their lives have been ripped apart.
Through Oshana, women start to sew their lives back together again.

“I love making things that are beautiful and will be useful to someone, and I love that it is a way of emptying the stress out of your body. When we work, we forget a little the crises that we went through. And through this work we get to meet other women - we meet, sing and laugh and produce beautiful things. We love life. My message to the person who buys my work is that it was made with joy and with love. I hope it reminds you of me.”

Words by Faten, Oshana artisan.