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Discover Alexandra’s collaborations with design talents and artists she admires 

Philippa Holland Fine Jewellery

Philippa Holland started designing jewellery in 2002, having assisted jewellery designer Francesca Amfitheatrof and studied the history of jewellery at Sothebys.

Philippa travelled to India to buy gems in Jaipur and returned to set up Philippa Holland Fine Jewellery. She largely draws her inspiration from the natural world using organic objects such as seed pods, leaves, insects and flowers, which she ‘casts from life’ to produce her wearable art.

The Tolstoy Edit x Oshana

Oshana works with Syrian women refugees to transform their lives one stitch at a time. Oshana was founded by Syrian women, for Syrian women.

100% of their profits support women who have lost homes and loved ones due to the war in Syria.

Living as refugees in neighbouring Lebanon, their lives have been ripped apart. Through Oshana, women start to sew their lives back together again.

SJ Axelby Sailors’ Valentines

Inspired by those hanging in Alexandra Tolstoy’s home, artist Sarah-Jane Axelby wanted to recreate these charming objects in mixed media.

SJ Axelby Interior Portraits

Interior portraiture is certainly not a new phenomenon. In its earliest form it served to document the contents of a room, for example a library or a collection of art. It then became the fashion in England and Europe to commission interior portraits to showcase one’s own homes, a status symbol if you like.

This collection of work by SJ Axelby, in watercolour and mixed media, celebrates Alexandra’s style at home in London and in her country cottage.

SJ Axelby Suzanis

Suzanis, originating from the Persian word “suzan” meaning needle, are embroidered textile panels traditionally made by Central Asian tribes in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

Highly collectable, these textiles had a symbolic significance with designs thought to bring health, long life and good luck. SJ Axelby, inspired by Alexandra’s antique suzanis, has hand-painted her own designs in watercolour and mixed media exclusively for The Tolstoy Edit.

Charlotte Harmer

Charlotte's journey as a fine art painter began in 2015, born out of some years of sadness and pain after suffering several miscarriages. Painting became her solace, with it absorbing her mind and concentration at the same time as being an outlet for creativity. Her exquisite still lifes and landscapes are equally beautiful propped on a shelf as framed on a wall.

Natasha Hulse

The Tolstoy Edit is delighted to launch its collaboration with Natasha Hulse, a bespoke fabric artist in the interior design world. Natasha is known for her bespoke, three-dimensional appliqué artworks. Her designs are constructed by hand, and use a variety of fabric manipulation techniques to create one of a kind interior products.

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