Exceptional Folk Painted Two-Tier Marriage Bed

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A stand-out and symbolic item from the furniture marriage suite would have been the tall imposing and lavishly decorated two-tier or bunk bed and this was mainly all about the main front panel which would have dominated the ‘clean room’ or best room where the dowry was preserved untouched.

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We sometimes sell these pieces to designers who want to hang the main panel as art but equally we have sold these pieces for use as beds. It comes in six parts. Two ends and four side panels which have metal cleats which hook into sockets in the ends. There is a rebate allowing horizontal boards to be applied to support mattresses and the internal dimensions are 91 x 185. We recommend a carpenter or handyman to put this together securely if it is to be used as a bunk bed.

H: 186cm (73.2in)
W: 102cm (40.2in)
D: 192cm (75.6in)

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